Tehama Trial – Specific Terms

If you as an Organization register a Service Account on the Site for a free trial, Pythian will make available to the Organization the ability to use the Platform on a one-time trial basis free of charge up to an agreed upon cost, subject to the terms and conditions available at the Organization Terms and these specific Trial Terms.

  1. Default Trial Tehama Room Specifications

    1. 1 Tehama Secure Room
    2. An agreed upon allocation of 'Trial Tehama Compute Units ("TCUs")' to the Organization.
    3. Support: Basic Support Plan
    4. Trial Tehama Room Specifications
      1. File Vault Storage: 200GB
      2. Max Desktops = 5 (default credit allows for 2 standard desktops or on demand desktops for 40 hours total)
      3. Session Storage: 1 TB
      4. Multi-Region Support
  2. Trial Term

    The trial will commence on the date the Organization creates a Trial Room. Costs incurred in the Trial Room will be offset by the 'Trial TCU' allocation, with additional usage billed to the Organization. For clarity:

    1. Pythian reserves the right to terminate the Trial in its sole discretion.
    2. Usage of the Platform that is not offset by the 'Trial TCU' allocation will be charged in accordance with the applicable TCU rates.
    3. The Organization may make changes to the features of its initial Subscription Plan, including room options, desktop options and support plan through its authorized administrator.
  3. Organization Content

    Any Content submitted to the Platform by the Organization and its Members during the trial will be permanently lost unless the Organization purchases a Subscription Plan or exports such Content before the end of the Trial.