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Terms of Service

Describes the terms of service You agree to when you signed up for our Service. Read our Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy

Explains what information we collect and why and how we use it. Read our Privacy Policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

Explains acceptable and unacceptable uses of our Service. Read our Acceptable Use Policy.

Hosting Providers and Data Storage

Explains where we store Your data. Read about our Hosting Providers and Data Storage.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Explains our standard of service. Read our SLA.

Pricing Model

Explains pricing for the Service we offer. Read about our Pricing Model

Service Model

Explains the Service model. Read about our Service Model.


Read about our Trial.

Fees and Payment Terms

Describes our fees and payment terms. Read our Fees and Payment Terms.

Support Plans

Explains the support plans we offer. Read about our Support Plans.