An Organization with a registered Service Account may purchase a Subscription Plan, access the Platform in accordance with such Subscription Plan, and invite Members (defined below) to access the Platform under the Organization’s Service Account.

The Service Delivery Platform is a cloud-based technology that enables an Organization (“Connected-To Organization”) to receive IT services remotely from another Organization, through a secure and audited virtual private extension of the Connected-To Organization’s IT network (“Room”). The Organization who purchases the Subscription Plan, including the Room, is the Room Owner. The Room Owner controls what services and tools are provisioned into the Room. Typically, the same Organization is both the Connected-To Organization and the Room Owner; however, these roles may be held by different Organizations. The Subscription Plan is ordered by the Room Owner through a document or online order (“Order Form”).

Organizations and Room Users may submit software (including machine images), data, text, audio, video and images (“Content”) to the Platform. Pythian or any of its affiliates may make its own Content (“Tehama Content”) available to Organizations and Room Users in connection with the Platform, to allow access to and use the Platform, including Documentation, sample code, software libraries and other related technology. Pythian’s Content does not include the Platform or any Content owned by a third party, including Content owned by the Platform hosting provider chosen by Pythian and third party Content brought by Organizations and Room Users into a Room.

The Connected-To Organization controls who can access the Room and the resources and services within the Connected-To Organization’s internal infrastructure, such as internal network, cloud, etc., (“Assets”). A Connected-To Organization can invite Users within its own Organization as well as other Organizations to use the Platform under its Service Account. Any Users and Organizations You invite to use the Platform under Your Service Account are “Members” of Your Organization. Members authorized by the Connected-To Organization to access a particular Room are Room Users. Room Users will use the Platform (including the Room) in accordance with the Documentation and the User Terms of Service, available at TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USERS.

Pythian may assign an individual (“Concierge”) to assist an Organization with all activities relating to its use of the Platform, including, but not limited, to setting up the Service Account, configuring the Organization within the Platform, providing information on billing and invoicing, and in general serving as the point of contact for anything relating to the Organization’s Service Account.