Install Tehama Client on Linux

Latest available Tehama Client version for Linux (Ubuntu Linux 18.04): 2.0.0
Latest available Tehama Client version for Linux (Ubuntu Linux 20.04): 2.0.0

Downloaded from: the Tehama Web UI, current release

Supported Linux versions: Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and 20.04

Note: These instructions have been tested on and optimized for the Google Chrome browser for the Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 desktop environments. An exception is the Plasma KDE desktop environment; there is a known bug when running Google Chrome browser in this environment that prevents the use of the Tehama Web UI's single-click CONNECT experience. When running these instructions on a Plasma KDE desktop environment, use the Firefox browser.

It is strongly suggested that you first uninstall the current Client (both the Tehama Client and the Teradici PCoIP Client) from your device, then restart your device before installing the new version.

  1. Log in to the Tehama Web UI.
  2. Go to the DESKTOPS page.
  3. Click on the INSTALL CLIENT button in the top right of the page. This page provides you with information about the Tehama Client.
  4. Click on the Linux symbol.
  5. Wait for the tehama-pcoip-client.deb file to be downloaded to your Downloads folder.
  6. If you have a previous installation of the Tehama client, open a terminal and remove it as follows (to ensure a clean installation of the new client): prompt> sudo apt remove tehama-pcoip-client
  7. Install the new client from a terminal:
    1. Open a Terminal.
    2. Go to your Downloads folder: prompt> cd ~/Downloads
    3. Run the following command: prompt> sudo apt install ./tehama-pcoip-client.deb
      Note: If a process has dpkg locked, the tehama-pcoip-client.deb file will not install. Please ensure all system updates are complete and dpkg is not running. To check if dpkg is running, run the following command: prompt> ps -ef | grep dpkg
      If dpkg is running, wait for the system updates to complete or kill the process before continuing with your install of tehama-pcoip-client.deb.
    4. Wait until you see the Software License Agreement: "Do you Accept? [Y/n]
    5. Enter Y/y to accept and continue the installation. (Enter n/N to abort the installation.)
      When the installation is complete, you will see a success message.
  8. Back at the Tehama Web UI, you can try to connect to your desktop with one-click by clicking on the CONNECT button.
  9. Now your desktop should launch.