Policy User Guide


A policy, sometimes referred to as an "access policy", determines the policy and principles that an organization and its users need to meet to gain access to a room and any assets contained within it.

At this time policies are somewhat limited but conceptually they let you remind users of the rules they need to follow in order to work in the room and gain access to your resources.

Policies are owned by an Organization. When an Organization invites another Organization to access a Room, it specifies one Policy under which that access is authorized. Different access policies may be specified for each Organization invited to a Room.

To access policies, click POLICY on the top navigation bar.

Viewing your policies

The POLICY top navigation bar entry takes you to the list of policies created by your organization. The organization owner (the user with the Admin role for your organization) and any member with the "Manager" role in your organization can create, edit, or apply policies.

Creating a policy

To create a policy, select NEW in the secondary navigation bar, or click the CREATE NEW POLICY button in the policy list. This action will take you to the policy editor.

Editing a policy

Policy states

A policy has two states:

  • Draft

  • Published

When you first create the policy it is in a draft state. It will remain in a draft state until you click the PUBLISH button. NOTE: Only the published version of the policy can be applied to Rooms.

Once a policy has been published you can return to the policy editor and select EDIT to create a new draft version. The new version will not be applied to rooms until you select PUBLISH again.

The PUBLISH functionality provides you with the ability to safely edit the policy without impacting any current Rooms where the policy has already been applied.

Policy attributes

A policy has two attributes that you can access on the sidebar:

  1. COMPLIANCE - Compliance text
  2. ACCESS - Access requirements

The compliance text, edited on the COMPLIANCE page lets you create a "click-through" reminder that all users of the room will have to accept before accessing the room. If you change the policy or pick a new policy they will again be asked to accept the policy.

The access requirements let you specify rules that are enforced by the Tehama platform and must be met by users of the room.

Access requirements

Citizenship: Lets you specify through inclusion or exclusion any restrictions on the citizenship of members assigned to the room. Citizenship is matched against the user profile of the other organization's member.

Location: Lets you specify through inclusion or exclusion any access location restrictions for access to the room. Location is matched against the browser geolocation of the user when they select the WORK tab on the room.

Assigning a policy for an organization in a room

There are two ways to assign a policy to an organization for a given room:

  • The first is by opening the room (ROOM - top navigation bar entry), going to the ACCESS tab and clicking the policy link for the organization you want to apply/change the policy for.

  • The second is by going to the policy editor and selecting ASSIGN POLICY.

Assigning no policy for an organization in a room

Similarly you can assign "No policy" to any given organization in any room. This is the default setting.