Organization User Guide

See Organization in the Tehama Introduction for an introduction to the concept of Organization.

There are two facets to organization management:

Team Management

If you are an organization's admin or have the manager role as a member, you are responsible for managing membership in your organization. This is mostly accomplished by using the TEAM tab in the top navigation bar.

The TEAM user interface has two main views.

View as members (default)

This provides a list of members in your organization. These are the users you have invited, usually from your own work/corporate organization to become part of your Tehama organization. This is the list of users you can add or request be added to rooms your organization is participating in.

To invite a member:

  1. Click the ADD NEW MEMBER button at the bottom of the member list, OR click NEW in the secondary navigation bar.
  2. Enter their name, email, and role, and INVITE.

They will be sent an email invitation to create a user account in Tehama and then added to your organization. Until the user accepts the invitation you will see their status as yellow. You can resend the invitation from the list.

For more information on roles and their permissions see the Roles User Guide.

View as team

This provides a list of teams in your organization. Teams are useful for creating groups of members that you will usually add to rooms as a group.

To Create a Team:
1. Make sure you are in the View as teams view.
2. Click the ADD NEW TEAM button at the bottom of the team list, or click NEW in the secondary navigation bar.
3. Enter a team name.
4. Select the members.

To Edit the Name of a Team or Add/Remove an Existing Member to/from the Team:
1. In the Team list, click the Team name.
2. Change the name or team membership list.

To Invite New Members to a Team:
1. Expand the team entry.
2. Click the Add button on the right side of the page.
3. Fill in the new member details and send the invite.

Account Management

As your organization's admin or a member with the manager role, you can manage your organization's profile, plan and authentication method. Admins can also handle the invoicing for the organization and, if necessary, can initiate the deactivation of the organization's account.

These features are accessed through the ORGANIZATION page, which is reached by clicking on the User icon in the top right corner of the web app and selecting Organization from the drop-down.


Select the PROFILE sidebar item to view/edit the organization's profile details. These details include the organization name, address and contact information. It is important to keep this information current.


Organizations have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by default. Organizations may choose to enable Single Sign On (SSO) authentication. Select the AUTHENTICATION sidebar item to do so. More information on SSO is available under the Authentication User Guide.


Support Plan upgrade/downgrade

Your organization's needs change and grow over time. Tehama gives you the option of changing your Support Plan to one that is best suited to your current requirements.

Select the PLAN sidebar item to view/upgrade/downgrade your support plan.

Account deactivation

If your organization has no further need for Tehama's services, you can initiate the deactivation of your account by selecting the PLAN sidebar item, then clicking on the text Deactivate your organization account found at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to create a 'case' on the Tehama Support Portal. In the text of the 'case', express your desire to deactivate your organization's Tehama account.

This 'case' will be handled by the Tehama Concierge, who, after confirming your wishes, will commence the deactivation process. All rooms owned by the organization will be archived (irretrievably) and usage of the account suspended awaiting the settlement of any outstanding invoices.

While your account is suspended ...

While the organization's account is suspended, only the admin for the organization is able to log in to the account. All other members will see messages stating that their account for the organization has been deactivated.

The admin user will be able to access the plan and invoice pages for the organization.

Under PLAN, there will be an option to reactivate the account, if desired, by selecting the REACTIVATE button. The account suspension will be lifted and access for your organization's members will be restored. (Note: all archived rooms will remain archived even after reactivation of the account.)

Under INVOICE the admin user can make payments, in the usual manner.

Once your organization's final invoice payment has been received, you will be notified via email that you may proceed to delete your account.

To do so, again select the PLAN sidebar item. This time you will see the text Delete your organization account at the bottom of the page. Select this text. Confirm your intention to delete your account by typing in the email address you log in with, then clicking the DELETE ORGANIZATION button. Your account will be deleted.


As the admin user of your organization, select the INVOICE sidebar item to view all of the organization's invoices. Initiate payment of the invoices from this page.

Payment Methods

You must specify a payment method for your organization before you can create a room.

payment methods

Add your organization's payment method as follows:

  • Select the PAYMENT METHODS sidebar item.
  • Select the payment method of your choice:
  • Fill out the information for your choice.

Credit Card

From the PAYMENT METHODS page, select the Credit Card option.

You will see the following information message:

Not currently available. This feature is coming soon...

Once the credit card payment method has been implemented, this section will be updated with the information you need to set it up.

Manual invoice

On the PAYMENT METHODS page, you can see the Manual Invoice option. This option can only be selected through the concierge service.

Contact the concierge service through the Tehama Support Portal. The concierge will enable manual invoicing for your organization if it satisfies the requirements1.


View your organization's activity stream audit log as follows:

  • Select the AUDIT sidebar item.
  • Select the report type that you wish to view, or create your own custom report with the advanced settings.

See more information in the Activity Stream User Guide.

  1. You may request a manual (non-automated) payment option, a manual invoice, from the Tehama Concierge if your organization satisfies the following requirements:
      - Your support plan includes the concierge service (Concierge), and
      - Your organization has a history of payment through one of the automated payment methods.