Getting started with Joining Tehama


This guide provides the basic steps necessary in order for you to join Tehama as a new 'User', and, if you are the first member, to create and configure your new 'Organization' account.

Joining Tehama

NOTE: Tehama at this time is by invitation only. If you are interested in ordering Tehama, reach out to us through Tehama Support.

Invite Email

You've likely received an invitation through email.

  • From:
  • Subject: Welcome to Tehama

Note: Please check your spam folder if no email is received.

The invitation will be either:

The email address to which the invitation email will be sent will depend on the type of invitation:

  • If you are creating a new organization, this will be the email address you provided for your order/purchase of Tehama.
  • If you are joining an existing organization as a 'Team Member', this will be the email address you provided to your organization's Org Admin or one of the Org/Room Managers.
  • If you are connecting to a 'Room', this will be the email address you provided to the Room's owner organization's Org Admin or one of the Org/Room Managers.

Locate the invite email.

The invitation email will contain a link which will need to be actioned in order to set up Tehama.

For the first two types of invitation, the link will be 'Accept invitation'.

  1. Click on the link. The JOIN TEHAMA dialog will appear.

For the third type of invitation (connect to a Room), the link will be 'Launch Room'.

  1. Click on the link. The Join room in TEHAMA dialog will appear.

    This will present you with two options:

    • "I already have an account", followed by a LOG IN button.

      Select this if you already have an organization that you wish to use to connect to this room

      1. Click on the LOG IN button. The SIGN IN TO YOUR ORGANIZATION dialog will appear.
      2. Enter your organization's subdomain.
      3. Click CONTINUE. You will see the LOGIN dialog.
      4. Continue to log in to the Tehama Web UI as you normally would.
      5. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to the Room connection process.

    • "I need to create an account", followed by a JOIN TEHAMA button.

      Select this if you want to create a new organization to connect to this room.

      1. Enter the name you wish to give to your new organization.
      2. Click on the JOIN TEHAMA. The CHOOSE A SUBDOMAIN dialog will appear.
      3. Enter a subdomain name for your new organization.
      4. Click NEXT. The JOIN TEHAMA dialog will appear. (This is the same user account-creation dialog that is seen from the 'Accept invitation' link found in the other invite emails.)

Note: The Tehama Web UI will display a warning banner if it is opened in a browser that is not one of Tehama's supported platforms. Your experience with the Tehama Web UI will be suboptimal if you continue with an unsupported browser. Instead, re-open the link in one of the browsers listed at the top of Tehama's About page.

User Account Creation

Having clicked on the link in the invite email, you will be presented with a page displaying the JOIN TEHAMA dialog, (after a few preliminary steps, if you are connecting a new organization to a room).

The first step is to create a new Tehama User Account for yourself.

NOTE: After setup is complete, you may opt to enable Single Sign On (SSO) for your organization, if your plan supports this option. SSO will allow your organization members to use accounts from an identity provider to log in to Tehama. You as the organization's Org Admin user will continue to log in to the organization using the Tehama User Account you are about to create. You can find more information on this in the Authentication User Guide.

From the JOIN TEHAMA dialog:


Create a Tehama User Account for this organization with credentials managed by Tehama:

  1. Fill in the following fields on the JOIN TEHAMA dialog:

    Field Description
    Name First and Last Name (auto-populated) (this will be the full name of your personal User (organization member) account in this organization)
    Password Your desired password
    Confirm Password Confirm desired password
    The 'Email' field on the dialog is auto-populated with your email address. This will be your Tehama username, used to log in to this organization. This field is not editable.

  2. Take some time to browse Tehama's terms by clicking on terms. (Note: Terms of service are not shown to members of organizations that have enabled custom terms of service.)

  3. Click on REGISTER. A dialog to set up Google Authenticator will appear.

  4. Set up a Google Authenticator application on a secondary device (e.g.: tablet or phone). See the section on 2FA authentication in the Authentication User Guide.

  5. Click NEXT. A LOGIN dialog will appear.


Create a Tehama User Account for this organization with your Google credentials:
If you see a button at the bottom of the JOIN TEHAMA dialog with the text SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE, you can choose to sign up with your existing Google Account.

Your Google credentials (username/password) will be the login credentials for your Tehama User Account.

  1. Click on the SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE button. The LOGIN dialog will appear.

Initial Log in

From the LOGIN dialog:


If you opted to sign in with credentials managed by Tehama:

  1. Enter your username.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Click SIGN IN. The Two-factor authentication dialog will appear.
  4. Find your six-digit Authentication Code in the Google Authenticator application on your chosen secondary device and enter it into the dialog.
  5. Click LOG IN.


If you opted to sign up with your Google credentials:


The following is not applicable if your organization has enabled custom terms of service.
While you are using Tehama, Tehama continuously checks to see if you have accepted the latest Terms of Service (ToS). If a version of the ToS that is newer than the last one you accepted exists, you will be prompted to view and accept it. You are required to accept the latest ToS before you may proceed to interact with Tehama through the Web UI.

WARNING: Failure of the 'Org Admin' user for the organization to accept the latest ToS within fifteen days of issuance may result in the suspension of the organization's account.

See the 'Login instructions' in the Authentication User Guide for more information on accepting the Terms of Service.

Organization Plan

If you were invited to join as a team member skip this step and proceed to Profile Page Completion.

If you are still here, you were invited to join to create an organization, or to connect to a Room, requiring you to create an organization.

Upon a successful login, you will be directed to your Organization plan page, entitled 'Welcome to TEHAMA'.

This page shows your support plan. Click CONTINUE to confirm that you have agreed to subscribe to this plan. (This plan can be changed at any time.)

Organization Registration

You should have been directed to your Organization settings 'Organization Details' page. If you were not, then click on the ORGANIZATION tab in the navigation bar. The landing page should be 'Organization Details'.

Complete all required fields and correct any mistakes the inviter may have made in your Organization's contact details.

Fields to complete:

  • Organization name (Auto-populated)
  • Country
  • Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Phone Number

Press Complete Registration.

Profile Page Completion

You should then be directed to your Tehama User Personal Profile page where you can enter profile details. If you are not, then open the User menu at the bottom left and select Profile and then the sidebar item PROFILE.

This is what other organizations will see about you when deciding to grant you access to Rooms, so we generally encourage you to fill this out completely.

Fields to complete:

  • Name (full name) (Auto-populated)
  • Title
  • Email (Auto-populated)
  • Phone
  • Country
  • Address
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Country of Citizenship

Press Save.

Email Customization

You can work with Tehama Support to customize select emails that are sent out by Tehama on your behalf. If this is something your organization would like to do, contact Tehama Support to start the process.

Next Steps

At this point you are ready to take your next steps in the Tehama Installation Guide.

Probable next steps:

If you were invited to connect to a Room, ...

... then you should be directed to the page for the Room in the Tehama Web UI. Your next step will be one of the following:

If the Room is not yet configured/built, then you have been invited to connect your network to the Room. Follow the instructions here:

If the Room is completely configured/built, then you have been invited to join the Room as a third-party (AKA user) organization. Follow the instructions here:

Note, the invitation emails are identical for both of these 'connect to a Room' scenarios.

If you were invited to create an organization, ...

... then you are now the Org Admin user in your new organization. Your next step is, typically, to create a Room. Check out the Choose a Room type section in the Tehama Installation Guide.

You may decide to delegate Room creation to an Org or Room Manager member in the organization. In that case, skip over the Tehama Installation Guide to the Organization Member Administration section of the Tehama Administration Guide and add an Org Manager or Room Manager member to your organization.

If you were invited to join as a team member, ...

... then you should, upon completing and saving your profile page, be re-directed to the ROOMS page for your organization. If not, click the ROOMS tab in the navigation bar.

If you were invited as part of setting up a new Room, you should see the Room in the Room list in the main area. This Room is where you will access your Desktops and perform your work.

If not, you are probably done for now unless you were invited by someone in your organization as an Org/Room Manager to create a Room. In which case, check out the Choose a Room type section in the Tehama Installation Guide.