Getting Started Overview

The following pages will walk you through the initial steps in setting up and using the Tehama platform.

Let's get started.

There are four parts to getting started with Tehama.

For more in depth discussions of each facet of Tehama, please see the USER GUIDES.

NOTE: Remember that the Tehama Team is available for any questions or concerns encountered during (and anytime after) Tehama Installation.

Contact us at: Tehama Support


Prerequisites needed to access the Tehama Web UI

The following are the prerequisites you need to have to:

Item Description Requirements
A browser Use this browser to access the Tehama Web UI. See the list of supported browsers in 'Tehama Web UI'
A smartphone or tablet with the Google Authentication App1 installed Use this device for 2 factor Authentication to the Tehama Web UI, through the Google Authentication App. iPhone/iPad: iOS 7.0 (or higher) capable device

Android: Android 2.3.3 (or higher) capable device
A host for the Tehama Gateway

(two if the 'Multiple Gateways' option is to be enabled)
This is the host machine inside your private network on which you install a 'Tehama Gateway'.

The choice of host depends on the installation method you choose. See the Tehama Gateway User Guide to select the best installation method for your network.

Optional: A host for the Tehama Gateway is optional. The connected to organization may opt to limit access to applications and services in the cloud, which does not require the installation of a Tehama Gateway, by setting the Room's 'Network Access' to 'Internet Only'.
Can be a standalone host or a Virtual Machine.

If installing via the automated-script, choose a host that meets the minimum specifications and can be configured as directed in 'Configure your Gateway host (for automated-script-installations' in the Tehama Gateway User Guide.

Note: The Tehama Gateway does not require a dedicated host. You can run the Gateway on an existing host in your infrastructure as long as it can be configured as required, instead of setting up a host specifically for the purpose (which may require an additional OS license).
A host device capable of running the Tehama Client and accessing the Tehama Web UI Use this device to launch and connect to Tehama Desktops.

One of these hosts is required for each user for whom you provision a Tehama Desktop.
See the list of supported Tehama Client hosts (Platform Compatibility) in the Tehama Client Overview

1. Full instructions on downloading and installing Google Authenticator can be found by visiting:
BlackBerry OS devices: Google Authenticator for BBOS 4 – BBOS 7 devices are also available.

Joining Tehama

Join Tehama, creating and configuring your new 'User' Profile, and, if you are the first member, your new 'Tehama Organization' account.

See the Getting Started with Joining Tehama Guide.

Tehama Installation

Get a Tehama Room up and running.

See the Getting Started with Tehama Installation Guide.

Tehama Administration

Create teams and invite new team members, grant Room access to these new members, add Firewall Rules, create and configure Desktops and, optionally, invite other organizations to come work with you.

See the Getting Started with Tehama Administration Guide.