Custom Specifications User Guide

What is a custom specification?

Often, you, as the owner or manager of your organization, will need to customize the Windows Desktops in your Rooms in order to provide your users with the tools they need to do their tasks.

The custom specification functionality allows you to

  • configure the base Windows Desktop configuration your users need once,
  • request the creation of a Windows Desktop image (a custom specification) from that base Windows Desktop, and
  • create many other Windows Desktops with the same configuration, using that specification.

Once created, a custom specification belongs to your organization and is available from every Room in your organization.

Create a custom specification

Only the admin user and managers of a Room's owner organization (owner+connected or user+owner) can request a custom image and they must be a member of the Room and be assigned to the Desktop the custom image is to be based off of (the base Windows Desktop).

Note that members of the Room who are staff members of the Room's owner organization can see the option to request a custom image from Desktops they are assigned to, and they can attempt to do so, but will be denied permission when they attempt to make the request by clicking the request button.


The user must have access to an existing Room and Windows Desktop (i.e.: it has been shared with the user). We will refer to this Desktop as the base Windows Desktop.

For security, it might be best to create a base Windows Desktop in a separate Room belonging to your organization, where that Room has been created with Desktop settings granting admin access to the Desktops in the Room. The admin access will be required to install/configure applications in the Desktop. Limit the members of this Room to users who will configure the base Windows Desktop. Once the custom spec has been created, the Room can be removed.

Once created, the custom specification belongs to the Room's owner organization.

(See the Rooms User Guide and the Desktops User Guide for information on how to create a Room and a Desktop and how to connect to a Desktop.)

Configure your base Windows Desktop

  1. Connect to your base Windows Desktop
  2. Configure it as desired for your users. Install applications, add resources, etc.

This is the custom configuration you want all Desktops created from your custom specification to have.

Request the creation of a custom specification

  1. Log in to the Tehama Web UI.
  2. Click on the ROOMS tab.
  3. Click on the name of the Room that has your base Windows Desktop. You will see the user interface for the Room.
  4. Click on the Room's WORK tab.
  5. Click on the MY DESKTOPS sidebar item.
    Work Tab Image
  6. Locate the entry for the Windows Desktop you configured, (your base Windows Desktop).
  7. Click on the three vertical dots under the Actions column for the entry and select "Request image". A dialog will appear entitled "Custom Specification".
    Custom Spec Request Dialog
  8. Enter a name, for example "Project ACME Custom Spec 1", and a description for your custom specification.
  9. Click on REQUEST. A popup will appear that lets you know your request is in progress.

It will take up to the end of the next business day for your custom specification to become available. You will be notified once it is ready for use.

Behind the scenes, your request will be forwarded to the Tehama Concierge. The Concierge will create an image from your customized base Windows Desktop. This can take up to two hours. You will not be able to use your base Windows Desktop while the image is being created. The Concierge will reach out to you to coordinate a time that is convenient for you.

Use a custom specification

A custom specification is available to anyone who can add or request a Windows Desktop in a Room belonging to the organization that owns the custom specification.

The admin user and managers of a Room's owner organization (owner+connected or user+owner) can add a new Windows Desktop configuration, using a custom specification, to the Room directly. (See Add a Desktop in the Desktops User Guide.)

The admin users and managers of a Room's non-owner organizations (user_only and connected_only) and members of the Room that are staff members in their organizations can instead request a new Windows Desktop configuration, using a custom specification, be added to the Room. (See Request a Desktop in the Desktops User Guide.)


The user must have access to an existing Room.

Note the Room can be any Room belonging to the organization that created the custom specification. Though, for security, it is suggested that this be a Room where the users do not have desktop admin rights and/or the Room has no internet access. Since the custom specification will have all required applications installed and configured, the users of the Desktops created from it may not need admin rights or internet access.

Notification must have received by the organization that created the custom specification that it is now available.

Create a Desktop with your custom specification

Follow the same steps as you would normally follow to create Windows Desktops (see add-a-desktop in the Desktops User Guide).

  1. Log in to the Tehama Web UI.
  2. Click on the ROOMS tab.
  3. Click on the name of the Room you want to access. You will see the page for the Room.
  4. Click the CONFIGURE tab.
  5. Click the WINDOWS DESKTOPS sidebar item.
    Configure Tab Image
  6. Select Desktop under the ADD dropdown menu at the top right of the page. This will display the ADD DESKTOP dialog for Windows Desktop configurations:
    Add Desktop Dialog
  7. Enter all the information as you normally would except for the Specification.
  8. Open the Specification dropdown.
    • Your custom specification, the name you entered above, for example "Project ACME Custom Spec 1", will be in the list, under the heading "Custom Specifications".
      Specification Dropdown
  9. Select your custom specification.
  10. Click CREATE. The new Desktop will appear in the list of Desktops on the page.

The resulting new Windows Desktop will be constructed from the image created by the Concierge for your custom specification.

Edit a custom specification

Currently it is not possible to edit an existing custom specification.

But it is possible to create a new custom specification from an existing one.

Create a Desktop from the custom specification you want to 'edit'. Using this as your base Windows Desktop, repeat the create custom specification steps.

Remove a custom specification

If you wish to remove a custom specification from your organization, please send a support request to the Concierge.