Getting Started Checklist


This guide provides a point-by-point checklist of the steps necessary to complete the initial Tehama setup.

For a more detailed walk through, go through the Getting Started guides starting with the overview or reach out to a Tehama Concierge for support (Tehama Support).


  • Mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet)
  • Google Authenticator App (to be installed on the mobile device)
  • Host (host for the Tehama Gateway, two if the 'Multiple Gateways' option is to be enabled)
    Note: A host for the Tehama Gateway is optional. The connected to organization may opt to provide access only to applications and services in the cloud (by setting 'Network Access' to 'Internet Only'), which does not require the installation of a Tehama Gateway.

Join Tehama

  • Invite Email: Locate the invite email and click on the Accept invitation link
  • Account Creation/Initial Log In
    • Enter personal details and choose a password
    • Click Register
  • Google Authenticator Setup
    • Set up Google Authenticator
      LOG IN dialog appears
    • Enter the username and password
    • Enter in the 6-digit code on Google Authenticator (not needed for Google Login)
    • Accept latest Terms of Service (ToS), if required. (It is never required for members of organizations that have enabled custom terms of service.)
  • Organization Registration (only if joining as an organization)
    • Enter organization details when prompted
    • Press Complete Registration
  • Profile Page Completion
    • Enter user details when prompted
    • Press Save

Install Tehama (Room setup)

Following your completion of your profile, you will be asked to either create a room or configure a room, depending on the type of your invitation. Pick the scenario that applies to you.

Room Creation

Creation Scenario 1: "I am creating a room connected to my organization and then inviting another organization to join and use the room"

Creation Scenario 2: "I'm creating a room and requesting another organization to connect it to their network"

Room Configuration

Configuration Scenario 1: "You've been invited to finish connecting a room, most likely by your service provider."

Configuration Scenario 2: "Your organization has been invited to join a room, most likely by your service buyer."

Install the Tehama Gateway

  • Install a Tehama Gateway instance on your selected gateway host following the instructions in the Tehama Gateway User Guide. (Repeat on your other selected gateway host, if your room has the 'Multiple Gateways' option enabled.)

    NOTE: Due to a limitation in the authentication framework used by Tehama, the Tehama Gateway cannot be installed on the 172.31.x.x network.

    In addition, Tehama cannot connect to resources that are on the 172.31.x.x network directly.

    If you have the following situation:

    • the Tehama Gateway is on a supported network; and
    • a resource is on the 172.31.x.x network

    then a workaround would be to create a NAT on the network to NAT the address of the resource to an address that Tehama can see, like 10.x.x.x or something similar.

  • Verify Connectivity with your Room
    Once Tehama has reported a connection with your Room, confirm the connection to your network, and its associated IP address by navigating to your Room's CONNECTION tab's STATUS sidebar item (when 'Network Access' is set to 'Tehama Gateway'):
    • A green dot will indicate a connection was established.
    • IP addresses will be displayed (referring to the Tehama routers assigned to the Tehama Gateway instance(s) for your room, two per instance). (You may have two Tehama Gateway instances running if your room has the 'Multiple Gateways' option enabled.)
    • For each entry in the table of Tehama Gateways for the room, a room connected icon room connected icon will appear.

For more detailed information about the installation of the Tehama Gateway, please see the Tehama Gateway User Guide.