Tehama Overview

What is Tehama?

Tehama offers an instant, compliant, productive working environment through a next-generation Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform that is secure, scalable and sustainable.

Tehama automates connectivity, privileged access, work environments, security and compliance, with the goal of eliminating barriers to excellence in remote working.

Tehama has many use cases.

  • You can use Tehama to deploy your global remote workforce virtually.

  • You can use Tehama as a sandbox, isolated from your network where you can experiment and innovate.

  • You can use Tehama as a secure platform for the acquisition and delivery of Software Development and IT Management Services between organizations.

  • . . . and much more.

See how our customers are using Tehama, through their stories on our company website, tehama.io.

The Tehama platform creates secure virtual rooms and desktops in the cloud. Your workforce connects to the desktops and accesses your data from a public network, and/or from your private network through a Tehama gateway. You manage this access through Tehama's intuitive Web UI.

Tehama Room Security

Read on to see how Tehama orchestrates security, compliance, connectivity, tools and communications.